The front of the Christian Church of Charleston Four Corners’ building Inside the church, just as the service is about to start

Where Jesus alone
is exalted!

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The Christian Church of Charleston Four Corners seeks to provide an uplifting atmosphere where worship, study, and fellowship blend the time–honored traditions of the past with a style that is fresh and inspiring for the present. We seek to convey the relevancy of God’s unchanging truth to those living in an ever–changing twenty–first century.

Our goal is to provide a worship style that exalts our Lord Jesus Christ in Spirit and in truth through a thoughtful blend of traditional hymns and God–honoring praise choruses. We believe that this mixture of the old and the new reinforces solid Biblical truths while giving each person the opportunity to express their love and praise to God in a heart–felt, meaningful manner.

The New King James Version® of the Bible is predominantly used during the teaching and preaching portions of our services, but we are comfortable with the reading and studying of other credible versions that aid Christian growth.

Our aim is to preserve the dignity of a formal worship service while avoiding the staleness of a predictable routine, by being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We believe that you will find our church family to be genuine, warm, and caring, and we look forward to welcoming you and your family to our church fellowship.