The front of the Christian Church of Charleston Four Corners’ building Shaking hands at the end of the morning church service

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Historical marker in front of our church

The Christian Church of Charleston Four Corners was organized on December 9, 1813 with thirteen members on the church roll. James Wilson served as the church’s first pastor, but the church family was without a building of its own to worship in until 1819. Church meetings up to that point were held in the local school house.

In 1822, Elder John Ross was called to pastor the church. For the next fifty years he faithfully led his flock, and it was under his leadership in 1834 that the present day church building was erected. In addition to this, five area churches were started by the Charleston Church while Elder Ross ministered. Three of these churches continue to be a light in their communities to this day.

Elder Ross resigned from the pastorate in 1872, and since then thirty different men have served as pastor of the Charleston Church Family and hundreds have been led to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and been baptized. The church became incorprated on September 8, 1894 and the members are currently preparing to celebrate its 200th anniversary throughout the year of 2013.