The front the Christian Church of Charleston Four Corners’ church building Caring fellowship at a church dinner

Where Jesus alone
is exalted!

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We are an independent, non-denominational, fundamental church seeking only to lead souls to Christ, help the Christian to maturity, spread the Gospel throughout our community and the world, and to glorify God, all of which is only possible through the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


The mission of the Website of the Christian Church of Charleston Four Corners is to use the vehicle of the Internet as a means through which the voice of the Good Shepherd may be heard; thereby drawing to our church local Christians in need of a church fellowship and local seekers looking for answers, and to present the Gospel to all who visit this site.

“The Christian Church of Charleston Four Corners exists as a local assembly of believers in Jesus who seek to provide a warm, caring, family atmosphere where new life in Christ is anticipated, spiritual growth is cutltivated, personal victories are celebrated, the hurting are comforted and Jesus alone is exalted, worshipped, and followed as the head of our “home”.

From the front of our weekly church bulletin