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  1. Enjoy the freedom and joy that comes from having your sin completely forgiven1!
  2. Thank God for sending Jesus to die in your place so that you could be forgiven and be made right in His sight2.
  3. Spend time every day getting to know God better and learning about the wonderful plan He has for your life. The best way to do this is by:
    1. Reading from the Bible every day (a good place to start is in the Bible book of John)3.
    2. Setting aside at least 10–15 minutes each day to talk to God in prayer. Tell Him how glad you are to finally be getting to know Him. Thank Him for everything that is good in your life (make a verbal list)4. Share with Him what is bothering you and/or what you’re struggling with and ask for His help in dealing with those troublesome situations5. Ask Him to help you to do what is right and to follow His ways6. Ask Him to show you anything in your life that is not pleasing to Him, and when He brings something to your mind, agree with Him that it is sin and ask for His help in turning from that sin7. And talk to Him about your own needs and the needs of others8. Anything that you would share with your best friend, can and should be shared with God. He not only will listen to every word you say, but He will help you as no one else can9.
    3. Find a good Church that preaches the Bible and attend a service at least once a week (more if possible). The more you hear God’s Word taught and are around other people who desire to live for God, the more quickly you’ll grow in your relationship with God10.
  4. Get Baptized. Even if you were baptized as an infant or young child, you should be baptized by immersion in what is commonly known as “Believer’s baptism.” Baptism is an outward expression of what has taken place in your life. By being baptized you are stating to the world that you have believed on Jesus as your Savior from sin and are committed to following Him11.
  5. Tell your friends and family about your new relationship with God. Explain to them how you came to realize that you needed a Savior and how you put your complete trust in Jesus as your Savior from sin. Don’t worry if you feel as though you don’t understand everything well enough to express it eloquently. Just tell them your story (your journey from unbelief to faith in Jesus) and trust God to work in their hearts in His timing. If you are mocked for your new beliefs, talk to God about it and ask Him to help you not be angry at those who have mocked you, but rather to feel compassion for them12.
  6. Begin setting aside 10% of all of your income to give to ministries that help people learn about God. This is called tithing. If you are attending a good Bible–preaching church, your tithe should be given there. If you haven’t yet found a good Church to attend, send your money to organizations that teach God’s Word (your local city mission, solid preachers that you listen to on the radio, Christian ministries that help the poor, etc.). Giving a 10th of your income to God’s work will help you to remember on a regular basis that everything you have has been given to you by God and that your financial resources should be used in ways that please Him. It will also release God’s richest blessing on your life13.

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